LGBTQ Disability Project


disability group

We run a LGBTQ Disabilities project for people who identify as disabled as well as LGBTQ.  Currently we hold a monthly meeting for the group which is a safe space for LGBTQ disabled persons to meet, socialise and campaign. This project follows a consultation that LGBTQ HIP and the FED facilitated in 2014.

For more information about the group and how to join it please email

We also have a Facebook group for LGBTQ people with disabilities which you can join here.

Learning Disabilities and LGBT Identities

In December 2014 LGBTQ HIP held a Round-table event looking into LGBTQ identity and Learning Disabilities, inviting LGBTQ people with Learning Disabilities and workers from the LGBTQ sector and Learning Disabilities sector to explore challenges faced by LGBTQ people with LD and for workers supporting them. You can read the report from this focus group here and an easy-read version here.

Following this round-table event, LGBTQ HIP and Brighton and Hove Speak Out worked together to host an event for LGBTQ people with learning disabilities to come together, learn about local LGBTQ services and say what they would like in terms of services and groups. Following this consultation, Brighton and Hove Speak Out has started an LGBTQI advocacy group.