We’re Recruiting: Freelance LGBTQ Inclusion Trainers

We’re looking for LGBTQ community members to become LGBTQ inclusion trainers for a new partnership project between Switchboard, MindOutAllsorts Youth Project and The Clare Project.

We’ve co-created an LGBTQ Training Hub that needs freelance trainers to deliver LGBTQ inclusion, trans awareness workshops and more. Some experience of and/or transferable skills relating to teaching, training and coaching is required.

We welcome applications from all LGBTQ community members, and particularly encourage applications from people from intersectional and minority groups, including People of Colour; QTIPOC; trans and/or non-binary; intersex; gender-variant; and/or those with disabilities, and/or neurodiverse.

If you’re interested in applying please visit https://lgbtqtraininghub.co.uk/we-are-recruiting/ to find out more.

The deadline to apply is 5 pm Friday 29th November.