LGBTQ Disability and Neurodiversity Group

Disability and Neurodiversity GroupDue to funding ending we have made the decision to close the Disability & Neurodiversity Project. The last zoom meeting will be on August 31st and the Facebook Page will close on September 15th. We are planning to look for more funding, but this might take a long time. Keep in touch via our mailing list if you want to stay updated on future work. 

Switchboard have been incredibly proud to run our Disability & Neurodiversity group for the past 5 years. During this time we have learned so much and got to know hundreds of new community members who have benefited from the space. We’d like to give particular thanks to Sarah-Kye who has been with this project from its inception and worked extremely hard to ensure that this work was impactful and community-led.

This work has been funded by The Tudor Trust. Unfortunately, the way the Tudor Trust operates means that funding (however successful) cannot be extended beyond the initial grant period. Regrettably this means that we are stopping our Disability & Neurodiversity group meetings and our Facebook page. 

Our last group meeting will take place on Zoom, on August 31st 2022.  

Our Facebook Page will remain active until September 15th 2022, but there will be support from Switchboard around ways to stay in touch with each other.  


We want to be clear that disabled and neurodivergent LGBTQ people are welcome in every Switchboard project, but we understand how important this project has been for many of those who attend. This decision has not been taken lightly and we are working on a signposting guide for any members who are seeking continued support or connection.  

Thankyou to all of the supporters, members, and staff who contributed to the success of this wonderful project. It is with a heavy heart we say goodbye to you, and if you want to sign up for updates about future disability & neurodiversity work at Switchboard, you can do so here.


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Jacob Bayliss, CEO