Celebrate LGBT+ history by investing in our futures – donate to our Crowdfunder

Celebrate LGBT+ history by investing in our futures – donate to our Crowdfunder

Graphic with grainy rainbow gradient background. The text reads 'Celebrating LGBT+ history by investing in our futures. Donate to our Crowdfunder and help us to build back better from the devastating impact of Covid-19. Donate: bit.ly/SupportSwitchboard'. Next to the text is a graphic of a white trans masculine person holding a trans flag.

February marks LGBT+ History Month here in the UK. As Brighton and Hove’s oldest LGBTQ charity, we’re asking for you to support us by investing in LGBTQ futures.  

We’re crowdfunding to raise vital funds to keep our communities supported, connected, and informed as we recover from the devastating impact of the pandemic. 

From 2020 onward we saw demand on our services soar, in some cases by over 300%. Our projects are supporting 100’s of people each week online, over the phone, and in person. Our team are providing more 1 to 1 and crisis support than ever before, and we want to continue being there for the rising number of LGBTQ people who need us.

Help us build back better and invest in LGBTQ futures by donating to our Community Build Back Fund. All donations to our Crowdfunder will be doubledthanks to match funding by the National Emergencies Trust Local Action Fund, taking your donation even further. 

In 2021, our Health & Inclusion Project released a report which explored the impact of Covid-19 on the LGBTQ communities of Brighton and Hove. The results showed that LGBTQ people were disproportionately affected by Covid-19 in a wide range of areas.

We spoke to 600 LGBTQ people and found that: 

  • 22% did not have a safe place to call home 
  • 68% were lonely or isolated 
  • 86% were feeling anxious or depressed 
  • 40% were using drugs or alcohol to manage their mental health
  • 33% had considered suicide 

By donating to our Crowdfunder campaign, not only can you be the recipient of some incredible exclusive rewards, but you could be helping to fund:

  • Extended helpline opening hours.  
  • Increased 1 to 1 support  
  • Emergency supplies such as clothes, toiletries, or transport for people in crisis 
  • Connecting people with LGBTQ befrienders 
  • LGBTQ specialist dementia and bereavement support 
  • Increased advocacy in housing, health, and hate crime. 

As a thank you for your support we have some exclusive rewards you can receive in exchange for your donation, designed by local artists including Fox Fisher, Henry Garrett, Sam Prentice, BadVibeArt and Ella Morris.

Donate to our Crowdfunder and help us build brighter futures this LGBT+ History Month.