Dementia Resources

  • This is a discussion led by PHD candidate Phil Harper about LGBTQ micro-aggressions in social care.

  • This is a panel discussion hosted with Bealtaine, an Irish festival that celebrates the arts and creativity of older people. Here, they look specifically at the experiences of LGBTQ people ageing in Ireland.

  • Bring Dementia Out is a seminal innovation project that was started by Alzheimer’s Society. The host, Patrick Ettenes now frequently gives talks nationally and is involved in many LGBTQ dementia advisory groups, and this video gives a short insight into this work.

  • This is a free download and audio version of Ahnes Houston’s book ‘Talking Sense’, which explores sensory issues associated with dementia.

  • This is an article on the new drug Aducanumab, the research so far and what this could mean for the future.

  • This video shows a man named Roger discussing his experiences with the care system when his former partner David was diagnosed with dementia.

  • This is a roundtable discussion briefing paper drafted by the Dementia Action Alliance (DAA) on LGBTQ people with dementia, exploring heternormativity in care settings and other issues that they may face, as well as ways of improving conditions.

  • This is an academic analysis of areas for improvement in social work research and care practices for those living with dementia who are LGBTQ, framing this issue as a matter of social justice.