LGBTQ Inclusion Award

The LGBTQ Inclusion Award helps healthcare facilities to address historical inequalities in healthcare outcomes for LGBTQ people, and is a partnership between Switchboard and Trans Alliance Brighton.  The Award encourages facilities to strive to achieve a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award by meeting a range of criteria for LGBTQ Inclusion.  The original criteria were developed in consultation with LGBTQ community members, and can be tailored to fit healthcare settings including primary care, mental health and care homes.

Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards

Some of the Award criteria are fixed, while others can be adapted to be relevant to specific healthcare settings.  Broadly, the levels of the Award are structured as follows:

  • Bronze: a basic understanding of LGBTQ identities and some basic foundations of inclusive practice, including policy development and inclusive signage
  • Silver: builds on Bronze by adding face-to-face LGBTQ inclusion training for a majority of staff and developing LGBTQ inclusive systems and practices
  • Gold: develops Bronze and Silver by adding face-to-face setting-specific training (e.g. responding to the particular needs and experiences of LGBTQ people affected by cancer) and developing more specialist LGBTQ inclusive practices and systems.

Our LGBTQ Inclusion Award supports an organisation-wide culture change and embeds inclusion at all levels of service delivery.

Case Study

In February 2018 Switchboard began working with Langley Green, a mental health hospital in Crawley, to support them to achieve our LGBTQ Inclusion Award.  We worked alongside them for eight months until they achieved the Gold level of the Award in October 2018.

Katy Stafford, the hospital matron, and her team worked extremely hard to reach this inclusion benchmark.  To achieve the Gold Award, the hospital has met a very long list of criteria including both the Bronze and Silver levels of the Award. Activities undertaken by Langley Green include:

  • training 94% of staff in LGBTQ inclusion training
  • training key staff in supporting LGBTQ patients in an inpatient setting
  • introducing gender neutral toilets throughout
  • displaying LGBTQ-affirmative policies, statements and images
  • asking all patients for their preferred pronouns
  • staff wearing pronoun badges
  • identifying an LGBTQ Champion on each ward
  • starting all patient groups with an inclusion statement
  • signposting patients to LGBTQ services as needed

Staff confidence levels

Thirty Langley Green staff members took part in a pre- and post-Award ‘Supporting LGBTQ People’ confidence survey.  Results show that staff’s confidence in supporting LGBTQ patients significantly improved during the Award process.

“The journey to reaching the gold LGBTQ inclusion award has changed and shaped our Hospital and some of us as individuals in a broader and more valuable way then I had anticipated.”
– Katy Stafford, Matron

The Langley Green Hospital team receiving the Gold Award

Undertaking the LGBTQ Inclusion Award

There is a fee for any healthcare facility or setting undertaking the Award.  The fee covers assessor hours, training workshops and learning resources, and is based on the number of staff at the facility or setting.

To learn more about the LGBTQ Inclusion Award, or to express an interest in applying for the Award, please email [email protected]