Grants available for grassroots groups

Grant opportunities details

Join us to discuss potential funding bids & processes for an upcoming round of grants for small LGBTQ+ groups in Brighton & Hove.

It is recognised that sometimes bidding processes can be biased towards larger more established organisations. Those organisations & individual organisers who experience structural disadvantages don’t always have the capacity to bid for funds or the bidding process is disproportionate to the sum being bid for.

In response to this, and the increasingly competitive landscape we are working with the Communities Health Inequalities Programme to facilitate the distribution of some funds.

The successful bids will be decided by an LGBTQ+ lived experience panel to be appointed.



 Who is invited?
Any group with an income of £0-£150,000 who would like to find out more and help us understand how this grant can be most useful to them & the health of their members. Please help us to share this invitation with any small groups you know in Brighton & Hove. Sign up to attend here

Who can apply for a grant?

Any organisation supporting LGBTQ+ people in Brighton & Hove

What if I run an LGBT group in a non-LGBT organisation?

We value lived experience and ‘by and for’ groups, however as long as you have a specific space or service for LGBTQ+ people, we encourage you to come along.

What if I am a social group or interest group, not a service?

That’s absolutely fine, as long as you have an interest in taking
action on the health of your members
(e.g. health checks for choir members or screening information for a knitting group)

What is the meeting about?

The meeting is to help us understand what small groups need from a grant application process and from the grants themselves, and to allow us to explain more about why we are doing this.

Do I have to attend to apply for a grant?

No, you can still apply if you do not attend this meeting but it would be great to see you there.

What if I need help with my application?

That’s fine, we will be able to help once applications are open

When will applications open?
To be confirmed, everyone in receipt of this email will be notified when applications are open, you can also subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media to ensure you do not miss out


How do I join the panel?

If you are interested in joining our lived experience panel, and you are not applying for funds yourself please reach out to [email protected]