LGBTQ Inclusion and Allyship Training

LGBTQ Inclusion and Allyship

This 2.5 hour workshop is for staff at all levels (including managers and volunteers) who’d like to learn how to better include and support LGBTQ service users and colleagues. This webinar will support participants to take steps to take to reduce inequalities, become better LGBTQ allies and improve support for LGBTQ people accessing services or working within teams.

The session is interactive, engaging and reflective and will provide a safe environment for participants to understand some of the challenges and inequalities that LGBTQ communities experience. Research shows that LGBTQ people experience health inequalities in a variety of ways, including in relation to Covid-19 and mental health.

Learning outcomes:

  1. To understand a range of LGBTQ identities and the language used to describe these
  2. To understand some general health inequalities and other challenges experienced by LGBTQ communities, in order to support LGBTQ inclusion efforts
  3. To have a basic understanding of the requirements of the Equality Act
  4. To learn about LGBTQ allyship
  5. To explore steps that services can take to be more inclusive of LGBTQ service users and staff
  6. To review information for signposting people to LGBTQ-specific support

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