LGBTQ Inclusion Training at Switchboard

LGBTQ Inclusion Training at Switchboard

Did you know we offer LGBTQ Inclusion training at Switchboard?
Our training is informed by our 47 years of experience of on-the-ground work with LGBTQ communities, our community research and our engagement with mainstream and specialist healthcare providers and other services.
We offer three main training sessions to suit every budget and type of organisation and aim to tailor our training materials to specifically cater to the needs of your organisation. We offer training sessions both online and in person and are happy to travel to those outside of Brighton and Hove at an additional cost.


Peach background with black text which reads, '“It was really insightful, relevant to our course and helpful moving forward in how to approach people from all identities. It’s really made me change my opening line to patients, highlighted the importance of how to individualise care, not make assumptions and create a safe space for anyone I care for.” Training participant feedback'


LGBTQ 101 – 1hr

This short session focuses on the essential LGBTQ knowledge for organisations.

Key objectives:

  • To understand the concept of sexual orientation & gender identity
  • To feel confident using pronouns to refer to people
  • To explore LGBTQ history, legislation and inequalities
  • To learn about intersectionality and the impact of multiple marginalisation
  • To look at key ways your organisation can champion inclusion

LGBTQ 101+ – 2.5hr

This workshop includes everything from LGBTQ 101, plus activities to help you apply your learning and workshop ways you can put your knowledge into practice.

Key objectives:

  • Everything from LGBTQ 101
  • To apply your learning to sector-specific case studies
  • To feel able to challenge incidents in the workplace
  • To workshop ways you and your organisation can action this knowledge

Full Package – 7hr

Our day workshop dedicates time to integrating and embedding LGBTQ inclusive practices into your organisation and day to day lives.

Key objectives:

    • Everything from LGBTQ 101 & 101+
    • To apply learning about the law, inequality and intersectionality to bespoke case studies
    • To feel confident to identify & challenge discrimination in the workplace
    • To workshop targeted actions for your organisation to champion inclusion
    • To find ways you can apply this knowledge to your everyday lives


Pink background with black text which reads '"I feel very lucky to have had such thorough training, with the opportunity to ask questions, learn, listen, and actively reflect on our current working processes to improve our support." Training participant feedback'

Make it bespoke

At Switchboard we aim to bespoke each training we offer to specifically cater to the needs of your organisation.

We do this by dedicating time to research into sector specific LGBTQ data, discovering LGBTQ role models in the field and finding out the easiest wins your organisation can make to be ahead of the rest.

Organisations we have previously trained include: healthcare, domestic abuse, housing, dementia, older people, sport, neurodiversity and disability, asylum seekers and the media.

If your sector isn’t listed above – have a chat with us and we’ll see what we can do.

Add Ons

In addition to the sessions outlined above we can also offer the following add ons to your training session.

  • Understanding gender deep dive (30mins)
  • Live Q&A (30mins)
  • Bespoke FAQ document for your organisation
  • Anonymous virtual Q&A
  • Pride lanyards & custom pronoun badges for each member of staff
  • Printable LGBTQ calendar for your office


If you have any questions about our training offer please get in touch with Talycia, our Training and Inclusion Manager, at: [email protected]


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