Grief Encounters

Grief Encounters is a peer support group for LGBTQ people who have experienced a bereavement.

Many LGBTQ people face a number of additional challenges when it comes to bereavement, in addition to universal experiences of grief, pain and sadness. This can include LGBTQ discrimination, a failure to acknowledge our relationships, estrangement from our families, legal and financial issues, and exclusion from discussions and decisions made by family members and health care professionals.

In response to this situation, Switchboard is piloting a new and essential initiative, Grief Encounters. This project, which has been supported by the Rainbow Fund, is a peer support group for LGBTQ people who have experienced a bereavement.

Grief Encounters will provide an exclusive and dedicated space to explore our grief. The group will run for 6 weeks and be led by experienced LGBTQ practitioners and will provide a confidential, safe and supportive space for LGBTQ people to:

  • Meet with other LGBTQ people who have experienced a bereavement
  • Use our shared experiences and identities to give and receive support
  • Explore a range of diverse and challenging feelings
  • Share coping strategies especially in respect of our possible sense of loneliness and isolation

Details of Group

Where: Possability Place, 14 Windlesham Avenue Brighton BN1 3AH

When: Monday 13th January – Monday 17th February 2020

Time: 7.00-8.30 pm

The course will run again from May 4th – June 15th 2020, and again in September 7th – October 12th.


If you are interested in finding out more or attending this peer support group please phone the Switchboard Office on 01273 234009 to speak to or leave a message for Jackie, Switchboard’s Grief Encounters Development Worker, or email her on

Switchboard will send you a short questionnaire to complete before inviting you to attend an initial meeting to further discuss your involvement in the group.