Many people in Brighton & Hove experience problems with housing and accommodation, and there can be particular issues for LGBTQ people. From finding an LGBTQ friendly flat-share to dealing with homophobia, biphobia or transphobia in your neighbourhood – if you have questions or concerns about your housing then you are not alone. Local research shows that the problems experienced by LGBTQ people can be pressing and in extreme cases can result in people sofa-surfing, using sex to secure somewhere to stay or having nowhere to go.

Whether you are moving to Brighton, coming-out, preparing to transition or simply looking for support to find new housing or accommodation within the area, we can help you. Our helpline operators are available to listen to your concerns and provide you with information on the practical aspects of finding a new home or relocating to the city. We are also aware of the particular concerns that older LGBT people can experience in relation to home-care or entering supported accommodation and we can offer a listening ear and an opportunity to talk.

Everyone is entitled to have a safe place to call home – Switchboard can help you find yours.