Switchboard launches ‘Grief Encounters’ to support LGBTQ people who’ve experienced bereavement

Grief Encounters is a pilot project that aims to support LGBTQ people who have experienced a bereavement.

Grief Encounters is Switchboard’s newest project and has been generously funded by the Rainbow Fund who are supporting us in developing this new and essential initiative.

In addition to the universal experiences of grief, pain and distress, LGBTQ people face other barriers and stressors in bereavement including homophobia (trans/bi/queerphobia), failure to acknowledge our relationships, estrangement from our families, legal and financial issues, being excluded from discussions and decision being made by family members and health care professionals.

There is currently no LGBTQ specific service for those of us experiencing a bereavement. In the New Year Switchboard is planning to start the setup of a peer support group. This group will provide an exclusive and dedicated space to explore our grief.

It is really important that the specific needs of our communities are voiced so that we can receive the best and most appropriate support.

We are keen to talk further to anyone that would like to share their experiences, thoughts and ideas with us, or if you would like to be on our mailing list to receive updates about further developments of this project.

Please phone Switchboard Office on 01273 234009 to speak to or leave a message for Jackie, Switchboard’s new Grief Encounters Development Worker or email her on [email protected].