Trans Equality Scrutiny

Brighton and Hove City Council (BHCC) has now completed its trans equality scrutiny. This is where a small group of councillors (Phelim Mac Cafferty, Denise Cobb and Warren Morgan), along with two independent trans advisors heard from a wide range of trans people and others with an interest about the issues. You can find a link to their report here making recommendations for action.

LGBT HIP was commissioned by BHCC to facilitate the involvement of local trans people. We held a public meeting, visited the local trans support groups and facilitated participation by key witnesses in the scrutiny panel hearings, as well as gathering anonymous online feedback. We would like to express our grateful thanks to the trans community and everyone who took part or helped us out – we really appreciated your input. Sincere thanks also to the Panel and the BHCC Scrutiny Team for undertaking their work in a sensitive and diligent way.

In May 2013, Brighton and Hove City Council accepted the recommendations of the report and the Community and Equalities Team is currently leading on managing the Council’s response. We are holding a follow-up meeting for the Trans community about what has been achieved so far and what more needs to be done. You can find all the details below. We need to continue our constructive work with the Council to enable them to implement the recommendations in full with input from trans people. Please join us for this important meeting.

Trans TalkBack Flyer