Trans Survivors Zine – Call for Submissions!

Submit work to the Trans Survivors Zine online or join our free zine-making workshop on Saturday 16th November!

Original artwork by Ashley Beachey, a volunteer with the Trans Survivors Project.

Exciting things are happening with the Trans Survivors Project. The LGBT Consortium has funded us to create spaces for trans and non-binary people, focusing on supporting those who have experienced violence and abuse. These events will be a mix of small support groups and bigger, more structured self-care activities.

As part of this series of events, we’re creating a zine that gathers and celebrates the perspectives of trans and non-binary survivors.

What will be in the Trans Survivors Zine?

The zine will be primarily by and for trans and non-binary people who have survived violence or abuse of any kind, but contributors can submit anything.

You could send us the recipe for the cookies you make when you’re down. Or you could draw a map of the places you feel safe. Maybe you’ll sketch a figure from trans history, or yourself, or a friend, or something completely abstract.

We aren’t picking and choosing between submissions. Our intention is to publish everything we get, so long as it isn’t bigoted or harmful.

How is it going to be published?

We’re going to create an online version and do a limited print run. Contributors will get copies, as will other local LGBTQ and survivors’ organisations. If we have copies left over they’ll be disseminated at our events, and we may look into doing an extra run for Trans Pride 2020.

How do I submit?

Email your submissions to [email protected]! Submissions are open until the 4th of December. You can also email us if you want help refining an idea or want to check something with us. Or come along to our zine workshop on the 16th November…

Zine workshop, you say?

Yes! Come join us at Phoenix Arts on November 16th 2019 for a day of art-making, zine-reading and hanging out. We’ll be making a communal collage, running a workshop on intro to zines, eating free lunch and doing an exercise about body-mapping. You can come for all or a part of the day. The Facebook event is here, and a full schedule will be published shortly.

I’d like to get support around these issues. Can you help?

You can email me at [email protected] for more information about support and spaces for trans and non-binary survivors across the UK. Or you can call our LGBTQ Helpline from 7pm-9.30pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays, on 01273 204050.

By submitting, you are granting us the non-exclusive right to publish your work physically in a limited run zine and online at Copyright will always remain with the writer or artist.

Submissions are open until the 4th of December.