Our Mission

The mission of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Health and Inclusion Project (LGBT HIP) is to provide a mechanism for engagement with LGBTQ people who live, work, study and socialise in Brighton and Hove. Our focus is on city-wide issues, including the planning, provision and evaluation of NHS and Council services and policies. We aim to bring about tangible and positive improvements in these areas for the benefit of local LGBT people.

Our Values

  • We work for equality for all LGBT people who live, work, study and socialise in Brighton and Hove and will ensure that this is reflected in our activities and our project as a whole.
  • We strive for fair access and inclusion so that LGBT HIP is open to all of Brighton and Hove’s LGBT communities.
  • We promote a culture of respect within our project and more widely, recognising the dignity and inherent worth of all people.
  • We believe in transparency so that we are open about our goals and our work.
  • We value and celebrate diversity and recognise the positive contribution that this makes to the city and to our work.
  • We believe that we are stronger and more effective when we work collaboratively with those who share our goals and will work constructively in partnership with our supporters and allies.
  • We regard the resources available to us (both human and material) as precious and will seek to use them wisely and sustainably.

Our Governance Structure

LGBT HIP is a project of Brighton and Hove LGBT Switchboard. Our work is supported by a reference group of local LGBT and HIV organisations. The group acts to:

  • Support and facilitate the work of LGBT HIP.
  • Promote LGBT HIPs activities.
  • Advise and support LGBT HIP to develop a strategic vision and sustainable work programme.