Stop Smoking, Start Living


Brighton and Hove LGBTQ residents, LGBT Switchboard and Brighton and Hove City Council have teamed up to deliver a campaign that encourages LGBTQ people to quit smoking.

More LGBTQ people are likely to smoke than straight people – and it’s harming the community. From taking thousands of LGBTQ lives every year, to damaging nearly every part of our bodies, it’s time we came together as a community to fight back.

Smokers who use their local stop smoking service are four times more likely to stop smoking for good. Stopping smoking has immediate health benefits, no matter how long you’ve been smoking, and can save you around £3000 a year.

Over 10,000 smokers have quit smoking in the last four years in Brighton & Hove, and over half of these have stopped by Brighton & Hove’s e-cigarette friendly, local, stop smoking services. To find out more about their services and get support today visit

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HIV Positive and Smoking

According to a recent study, if you have HIV, are on treatment and smoke, your risk of death is doubled. On the other hand, non smokers with HIV who are doing well on treatment can expect to have a normal lifespan.

Another study from Denmark has recently reported that the rate of heart attacks among smokers with HIV is three times higher than that of HIV negative smokers.

Smoking rates are higher among people living with HIV. HIV itself causes changes to the cholesterol, which can cause or hasten cardiovascular disease. In addition, certain antiretrovirals also have a negative effect on cholesterol and lipids. If you add smoking to the mix, the risks are greater.

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Gender Confirmation Surgery and Smoking

Those undertaking gender confirmation surgery will be required to agree to give up smoking for a minimum of 3 weeks before and 6 weeks following their surgery.

Smoking increases your risk of wound infection and Deep Vein Thrombosis by 40%, as well as chest infection. Smoking delays wound healing and compromises your results.

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If you don’t want to, or can’t stop smoking, why not think about making the switch to e-cigarettes? All our services are e-cigarette friendly; they are a safer alternative to smoking, and 95% less harmful because you don’t breathe in any tar or carbon monoxide.

Whilst not completely safe due to the unknown long term effects, research has shown that two out of three people who use e-cigarettes, in combination with a stop smoking service, quit smoking successfully.

Our service doesn’t supply e-cigarettes, but our advisors can offer the extra support that will help you stop smoking if you buy your own.

Stopping smoking has immediate health benefits, no matter how long you’ve smoked for, it’s the best thing you can do for your health and the health of those around you. You will start to see the benefits quickly – from being able to breathe easier, to the extra money in your pocket.

Worried about Cancer?

Stopping smoking, drinking less alcohol, getting active and eating healthy foods are all proven to lower your risk. These things can be hard to do. Get help and find out more at

To find out more about Brighton & Hove’s stop smoking services and how to access them visit