UK Queer Arabs

Long Description

UK Queer Arabs is an informal, unfunded network of unpaid volunteers from within the LGBTIQA+ community with a range of sexual orientation, gender identity and expression who have an Arabic Heritage and Culture.

The group’s primary purpose is to bring together Adults Queer Arabs to remove social isolation, build friendship and strengthen our own sense of identity.

The group’s secondary purpose is to raise awareness of the lives and issues of queer arabs, remove and challenge stereotypes, and build a positive and more accurate image of the community.

Limits of the group’s activities. The group does not aim to replace or emulate existing support services such as wellbeing and mental health provision for the community. The group does not have the capacity to support people under the age of 18 years old. The group has limited capacity due to being run by volunteers.

We do not have a website only a closed Linkedin Group for members. Please contact via email