Bi the way Pompey
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Portsmouth is nailing it with their fabulous queer initiatives, but there's one small detail...Where's the love for our Bi+ community? That's where the quirky and brilliant idea of "Bi the Way Pompey" comes in! One overly anxious Bi woman, tired of being pegged as an ally or feeling like she doesn't quite fit in at queer events, decided to flip the script and create a Bi-positive space and sing from the rooftops how essential we are to the momentum of queer Pompey!!
Don't be fooled! Carving a cozy corner for Bi+ folks and allies doesn't mean we're building walls. Instead, we're excited to team up with our Queer community pals, to kindle better bonds and deeper understanding. Let's unite and rock this rainbow!

Brighton Bothways
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Online discussion group and announcements.