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Founded in October 2020, Scorpio Mars is Emily Malice’s private tattoo studio based in Clerkenwell. Built on a foundation of acceptance and trust, Scorpio Mars aims to create a comfortable tattoo experience for people from all backgrounds and walks of life.
All Scorpio Mars residents and guests design and create their own unique tattoo designs, each aiming to produce a product that you will love and cherish for years to come. Tattooing is an interactive process, a collaboration between artist and client, and this is a concept encouraged at Scorpio Mars. You’re going to have this tattoo for the rest of your life so we want you to enjoy not only the final result but the experience too!

0785 795 9030
5 Back Hill
London, EC1R 5EN
Stonewall Housing
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We’re the leading national charity supporting LGBTQ+ people of all ages who live in the UK and are experiencing homelessness or living in an unsafe environment. Founded in 1983, we provide safe accommodation, housing advice, mental health advocacy and support for people fleeing domestic abuse.

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0800 6 404 404
Stonewall Housing
8 Coppergate House
10 Whites Row
London E1 7NF
The Trans Dimension
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The Trans Dimension is an online community hub connecting trans communities in London. We collate news, events and services by and for trans people.
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We see and experience the barriers in place for trans, non-binary, and gender diverse people trying to meet, connect, and socialise and know that for disabled trans people the challenge is even harder. Our goal is to support and facilitate community connections through safe spaces and networks across the UK.

At its core, The Trans Dimension is a digital partnership built on real-life trust networks. We’re not here to play accessibility cop or judge and jury, we just want to increase access to trans-led and trans-friendly spaces for all of us.

The Trans Dimension is run by Geeks for Social Change in partnership with Gendered Intelligence with support from the Comic Relief Tech for Good programme.

At this stage, the Trans Dimension is focussed on London-based events listings only, however we do plan to expand to cover more areas across the UK.