Be In The Know
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Sex and relationships
Whether you’ve had sex before or not, be in the know about what makes sex fun, how to enjoy the experience and how to protect your health.

HIV and STIs
Learn about the different types of sexually transmitted infections and how to prevent, recognise, test and treat them.

Living with HIV
You are not alone if you have HIV. Learn about sharing your status, taking your treatment, being healthy, and having relationships when you have HIV.

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Who we are
PrEPster was founded in October 2015 by four London based HIV prevention activists, in response to the lack of clear and concise educational info available about PrEP. In particular, those activists were concerned about the lack of information to key communities including gay and bi men, Black African communities, trans people, sex workers and migrants.

PrEPster is known for being independent from any statutory or voluntary sector organisations. We believe that our work should be led by and should over-serve populations that are less likely to access PrEP education materials but are most in need of it. Our work focuses on being diverse, ensuring that those communities of concern are at the heart of our planning and our work.

Collectively, we have a wealth of over 50 years experience in public health and advocacy, and most of us are either living with HIV, PrEP users or are in sero-discordant relationships.

PrEPster is a program of The Love Tank, a not-for-profit community interest community (CIC) that promotes the health and wellbeing of under-served communities through education, capacity building and research.

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The Love Tank is a not-for-profit community interest community (CIC) that promotes health + wellbeing of under served communities through education, capacity building + research.

Well BN (Sam Hall)
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Sam Hall

Sam qualified in London in 1993, and became a GP after a 15 year career as a hospital consultant.
He has several areas of interest in general practice including women’s health, trans-affirming care, food as medicine, neurodivergence and trauma-informed practice.

Sam's passion is training a multi-professional primary care workforce suited to meeting the needs of those facing healthcare inequalities.
It is a basic human right to have our healthcare needs met, and enabling this requires a different way of learning. Changing the health of the nation necessitates making healthcare accessible to all.

He lives in Brighton with his family, has given up his car, tries to cycle instead and sings in an LGBT choir for kicks.

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